July 23: Kindle Keywords

About our Speaker:

Nat Connors is a romantic comedy writer, medical scientist and dance teacher, and creator of the Kindletrends newsletter for genre fiction authors. Kindletrends started when he got fed up with trying to make sense of the Kindle Store, and wanted a no-nonsense summary of the most important information. Nat shared it with author friends, and now wants to share it with the author community as a whole. Nat works at writing every day and uses this information to write, publish and launch his own books - so it has to be focused, relevant and actionable.

About this Session: From Story to Blurb to Cover: Signposting your themes to your readers

Audience: All Levels

Getting your story in the hands of readers starts with your cover and your blurb, but many authors struggle with the challenge of making these fit reader expectations, while also communicating the unique elements of their story. In this workshop you’ll learn a simple set of techniques for aligning your story with your cover and your blurb, in the context of genre fiction.

We'll discuss how to identify the core features of a genre, work out which story elements resonate with readers, and see relationships between covers, blurbs and stories themselves. Whether you’re an experienced author, or just beginning your writing journey, this workshop will help you evolve a branding strategy that suits your genre, your style, and your situation. I'll provide techniques that will be useful to everyone. The main points are: 1. Covers and blurbs don't exist in a vacuum - they are part of a unified whole, where every element in them signposts a story element to a reader. Understanding those story elements and how they are 'promised' in covers and blurbs is important for every genre. 2. Understanding what's currently resonating with readers, and making people excited to read books, is important for one's own creative fulfillment, not just for making money. (3). You can keep up with all of this by hand, and I'll show you how. Or you can just subscribe to Kindletrends, and I'll email it to you every Monday morning, so you can skim it, find the parts that are interesting, and dive into them as you see fit.


Virtual ZOOM

The recording will be available for 30 days after.


11:00 a.m. ET