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Jan 27: Book Covers

About Our Workshop:

Ever landed on a book sales page and admired the cover? What did you do next? Click on it to find out more, right? That’s exactly what your book cover is designed to do—or should be designed to do. Think of it as a salesperson flagging down a reader and saying, “Hey, check me out.” Which is great news, because that means your cover doesn’t have to tell your entire story (that’s what all those pages inside are for). But it does need to communicate what kind of book (genre) you’ve written. Multiple factors like imagery, colors, and fonts play a major part in grabbing that first glance from a potential reader and converting it to a sale.

The right cover can make a significant difference in the long run—the difference between disinterest and the desire to find out more about your story.

About Our Speaker:

In addition to being a best-selling and an award-winning author, Dineen Miller is a professionally-trained graphic designer, who found a niche in the publishing industry almost thirty years ago and has served authors with her design skills ever since. To learn more about her work and services, visit


Virtual ZOOM

The recording will be available for 30 days after.


11:00 a.m. ET

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